Monday, September 7, 2009

Another little box.

I just love these!!! Same set up as below, except printed with Pink Petticoat Little Swirls in Duck Egg Blue. Punched a couple of holes and added some silver eyelets, a little ribbon from stash and voila! A little handle, added a little Laura Ashley tag with some fibre from the same. It's just crying out for a little button and flower on the front, but I had nothing I was happy with to suit, I feel a shopping expedition coming on I think!!!


anne :)

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katy said...

Hi Anne, thank you for your lovely message on my blog, I guess your interpretation is right, I'm definately searching :) It's surprised me how subconciously thoughts and feelings work their way into a drawing, my last drawing someone asked who it was..then said it looked like me ! and when i look at it now...though I'm not that short or round, lol, it does resemble me slightly. Thanks again, Katy x

My Maeve!